Lent Season: February 18-April 5, 2015


Today is the start of Lent, the 40 days before Easter (not counting Sundays) when believers in Jesus Christ throughout church history prepared for observing Easter by fasting. I wrote a blog entry last year called “Observing Lent” that provides some more details about Lent, so check it out.

I just saw another blog post from a pastor in the U.S. named Eugene Cho that resonates with my thoughts regarding our Lent commitments (e.g. what we’re fasting from). I would like to say that I wrote down these ideas, but he beat me to it. =)

I will state the obvious here: the focus of Lent is not on fasting but on Jesus Christ. Let’s focus our energies and thoughts on feasting on Him: his grace, glory, servanthood, sacrifice, love, character, and infinite other things about our Lord and Savior.

One thing we’ve been learning about God is that he cares about the vulnerable and about issues of injustice. Simply put, it is on God’s heart; we want to invest our prayers into the priorities that are on God’s heart. That’s why as a church we wanted to use Lent as a season to pray together about the issue of global sex slavery. As Pastor Eddie shared from our Revival a few weeks ago, sex slavery is primarily a spiritual issue that requires vigilant prayer by God’s people. We’ve laid out six broad topics that we can pray together for over the next six weeks of Lent.

So as you make some personal commitments regarding how to feast on Christ this Lent season, also join with the church to intercede for this issue. Let’s have faith that as we pray, God will move!


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