Transformation Vision: 2015 & Beyond


Last Sunday (January 25) we had our “Transformation Vision Sunday” when I shared to the church our vision for the future.  This also included some financial goals that will make us sustainable as we move towards that vision.  I would encourage you listen to the sermon if you missed it because it explains a bit more of the heart behind what we’re doing.

So what has God been doing specifically in and through our church?

We’ve had the privilege to have front-row seats in some pretty exciting developments:

Grogol Campus Church Plant: God willing, in September 2015 we will plant a new church in West Jakarta near Universitas Tarumanagara (Untar).  Our pilot LIFE group at Untar has been steadily coming together and we’ve been able to witness God save a handful of students already.  Our single adult LIFE group has also been growing as members are maturing in their faith and reaching out to friends and co-workers.

Missions Work in Indonesia: It’s taken four or five years, but we’re starting to understand the needs here from a missions perspective.  We’ve been able to do a lot of cool projects in some key places here, which we can’t really go into the specifics about on the internet. But what we can say for sure is “missions” is much more than just one or two week projects. In fact, our “big-picture” goal is to send out our own short and long-term workers to these key fields.

Missional Initiatives in Jakarta and Beyond: Some of our members have gotten involved in fighting sex slavery in our city by prayer walking and conducting “spiritual mapping” around the red light districts.  This weekend we’re hosting a seminar called “The Role of the Church in Fighting Modern-Day Slavery” as part of our Revival Week.  We hope that this is one of many issues individuals in our church begin to address as God leads them.

Partnership with Resource GlobalEarlier in January we hosted a group of people from Resource Global, an organization from the United States that resources churches and ministries to be more effective and sustainable. They have been commissioned by some of the largest Christian funding groups in the U.S. to start an office in Jakarta and we are helping them with that process.

I’ve been a part of HMCC since 1998, two years after the church was started in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States.  We’ve had a lot of memorable, life-changing, funny, and even heart-wrenching moments.  With all the ups and downs, our mission has always remained the same:

“To transform lost people into Christ’s disciples who will then transform the world.”

The reason why we exist and do everything we do is to see how Jesus Christ makes broken, sinful people into his disciples who will live faithfully, obediently, and purposefully for His Kingdom.  In other words: making disciple-makers.  This is what we’ll be doing for as long as God allows us to exist as a church.

Moving towards six years as HMCC of Jakarta, God has been making our vision clearer as well.  As a family of HMCC churches, we’ve articulated it this way:

“To multiply churches in campuses and cities to transform the next generation among the nations.”

The primary mission of the church is to make disciples who will make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2).  When that happens, local churches will multiply.  We believe the small niche God has given us in His Kingdom is to disciple university students, single adults, and families in the Jakarta area to be ministers of the Gospel, who will serve God’s purposes in Indonesia through their work, family lives, and community involvement.

We have some specific goals for the near future that we call the “2020 Vision,” which is outlined as “P.L.A.N.”

  • P = Plant churches on campuses and global cities
  • L = Leverage students and adults for missions movement
  • A = Address the global issues of our time through the Transformasphere movement
  • N = Network together to train and equip God’s people

So to make it clear, our Transformation Vision is not just about giving, although it is an important part of it.  It really is about God’s people wholeheartedly following Jesus and working together as one local church to progress towards our vision.  Our giving is what will make us sustainable as a church.  I’m not expecting everyone to give the same amount, but I do hope that everyone gives: it will be different sums of giving, but the same heart of sacrifice.

As I explained last Sunday, we can look at our financial outlook as two “buckets.”


2015 Operational Budget: The first “bucket” is our annual operational budget, which covers the regular day-to-day functions of our church.  These expenses include facilities rentals, staff compensation, ministry teams, and missions work.  Our budget for this year is Rp1.9 billion, which is about a 20% increase from last year.  The big reasons for this increase are plain: supporting two more pastors (compensation and seminary studies) and planning for the Grogol campus church plant.  Our operational budget is covered by our members’ regular tithes and offerings.

Transformation Vision Targets: The second “bucket” is what we’re calling our “Transformation Vision (TV) Targets,” which are a bunch of things that we believe will be important in order to make our vision sustainable.  These include purchasing small properties (apartments, meeting spaces) for small to medium-sized gatherings.  It also includes anticipating support for missionaries and church-planters that we’d like to commission in the near future.  The total goal for our TV Targets is Rp6 billion, which we want to accumulate over the next three years.  This would mean that we want to raise Rp2 billion per year (for 2015, 2016, and 2017).  We are asking people to give this on top of their regular tithes and offerings.  The specific list of TV Targets is available at the Resources Table every Sunday Celebration.

So how do we participate in the Transformation Vision?

First, I’d love for our church to become more and more united behind the vision and mission of our church.  Then strength of our church will be based on how we personally take up the calling to radically follow Jesus Christ, then unify together as a local church to make it happen.

Second, we are asking our church to fill out pledge cards that communicate each individual’s or family’s commitment to give towards both the 2015 operational budget and 2015 TV targets.  Take some time to pray about it, look through your own financial situation, and discuss it with your family.  You can get a pledge card at the Resources Table at Sunday Celebration or from your LIFE group leader.

We want to collect all the pledges by February 8, so you can submit them either in the collection baskets during offering times at Sunday Celebration or at the Resources Table.  

On a side note, we will not be recording people’s regular or special giving, but we will simply add up the pledges for both “buckets” for overall tracking and giving of updates for our church.

I love following Jesus together with our HMCC family!  I consider a great responsibility and privilege to serve Him and you all as a pastor of the church.  What a great journey it will be!