Why Am I Starting This Blog?


For the last 12+ years that I’ve known of blogging, I’ve never felt the need to have a public blog for myself.  To be honest, I have attempted a few times to start a private blog for my own personal reflections- an online journal of sorts- but they each fizzled out because of my own lack of motivation.

But recently I’ve realized the importance of accessible and precise communication regarding our ministry here.  As the pastor of our church, HMCC of Jakarta, I have the responsibility to be that direct channel of communication.  So this is the main reason why I’m starting this blog today.

This blog will not be a personal blog per se; there won’t be any pictures of what I ate for dinner or cute photos of our kids.  You can look at my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for those interesting tidbits.  Specifically, topics covered here will include:

“Bird’s Eye Views”: These will be matters more vision and mission oriented- 10,000 meter-high perspectives on things (okay, not that lofty).  Early topics that I’ll likely hit are “The Why’s, What’s and How’s of Missional Initiatives.”  In fact, this inaugural entry “Why Am I Starting This Blog?” fits under this category.

“Shop Talk”: The need for theological and biblical explanations is especially important in our context, so I wanted to make sure I address certain hot button topics like “Charismatic? Reformed? Both?”  I’ll do my best to explain our doctrinal positions and also share on various relevant topics within systematic and biblical theology.

“Family Matters”: There are always issues that everyone in the family (in our case the HMCC “spiritual family”) needs to know about and needs to be on the same page with.  I’ll cover church happenings such as “Observing Lent” and “A Post About the Jakarta Outpost.”

“Selfies”: While not a personal blog (I promise), I do intend on sharing some things that might be helpful to know about me and/or my family.  I think a post on something like, “Our Family’s Calling to Indonesia” will be helpful for people to get to know us.  And a post about “Dating & Courtship” would not be complete without sharing a bit of the narrative of my courtship of Nickey (something people usually are interested in).

So my first blog post is in the books now.  Thanks for reading and, God willing, there will be more to come!


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